Twin Peaks
Its population is stated to be 51,201.
Twin Peaks is a small town in northeastern Washington State, between White Tail and Blue Pine mountains, from which it drew its name.
‎It’s a paradise ‎
Twin Peaks attracts a lot of tourists with its natural landmarks and offers qualitative service for each of them.
FBI agent Dale Cooper about Twin Peaks
FBI agent Dale Cooper about Twin Peaks
The Double R — the local diner in the town of Twin Peaks. It is owned and operated by Norma Jennings. It is open all days of the week and holidays. It is also a food provider for the town through the Meals on Wheels program, a food delivery service to the elderly and shut-ins.
The Double R is a town institution and oftentimes a hang-out, specializing in homemade pie and coffee.
Apart from tourism, the core business area of Twin Peaks is wood harvesting, hence the Packard Sawmill is a heart of the town, which had and would continue to have the highest employment in Twin Peaks until 1989.
The Roadhouse, also known as The Bang Bang Bar is a popular tavern in the southern part of Twin Peaks.
It is liked by bikers, loving couples, and lovers of good music.
The Great Northern Hotel was opened in the early 1950s by J.J. Horne. By the 1980s, the hotel was inherited by Horne's son Benjamin.
Benjamin Horne launched the Stop Ghostwood campaign to preserve the near-extinct Pine Weasel and the environment, therefore he hosted multiple events on behalf of the campaign.
Wine tasting
Fashion show
Moreover, the theme of the speeches given by the contestants of the Miss Twin Peaks Contest was conservation of the forests.
«For if we cannot respect that interior land, then neither can we respect the land we walk. So let us, in walking gently upon the earth, leave behind a simple legacy. That we're new warriors, mystic warriors who love the earth and tried to save it»‎
But there's a back end to that. There's a sort of evil out there. Something very, very strange in these old woods…
between this darkness
and the Laura Palmer’s murder
And many people believe there is a connection
(in 25 years)
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